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You Are Intelligent

The world sends out dictates to humanity that will often put individuals inside a box of intelligence and performance. "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." ~Kofi Annan

When you ponder knowledge and education, they both can distinctly look different for many. Solomon received his degree of wisdom from God, and Noah learned how to build an unsinkable ark by Gods instructions. Some define education in a traditional sense where you go to an accredited institution and earn a degree or certificate. Friends, that's only one aspect of ascending to new heights of knowledge and education. Don't allow yourself to stay within a box. Be determined to WIN. I want to encourage you to reach for the stars! I want to admonish you to get the gold out of you. When I began my writing journey I did not know how to do it much less where to start. God was asking me to do this because He knew the seed that He planted within me, and by grace I'm writing book 3 along with many of writing ventures. I want to encourage you to allow yourself to GROW. The seed is the most powerful thing in the universe as it has great potential in growth packed with the ability to multiply. Your intelligence is not defined by what you do but the seeds that are within you. Something may start small but it has a power to grow and multiply; if you allow the seed to be planted and nurtured into full maturity. There is a treasure inside of you wanting to be unearthed. There is an idea in you awaiting conception and manifestion. Don't succumb to the distracting voices of doubt, envy, jealousy, or self sabotage. Maintain an open heart towards new things and S.O.A.R (see on another realm). Never be confined to where you are and desire to reach new goals and scale new walls. There is a whole world of possibilities awaiting your arrival.

5 principles for growing your seed inside you.

1. Identify the seed that is within you.

2. Watch what you speak over the seed; speak life.

3. Wait for the right timing to uncover the seed.

4. Allow the seed to grow inside you.

5. Watch over the growth of the seed and never entrust Just anyone with the seed. The seed is yours to grow and multiply.


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1 Comment

The seed indeed is the most powerful thing in the universe!..I value my seed and I'm watching it START to grow!!!

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