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The Small Steps Of Change

There is something I'd like to share with you I have learned and mastered, that is a truth that, everything changes. To everything there is a time and season for every purpose under the heavens. Some changes are painful, and some not, but change is necessary for growth. The world evolves around the premise of change. No one thing in our world should remain the same. A seed changes and grows into an abounding harvest. A tree changes and produces resources for industrial living. Metal changes and takes on many forms for development and infrastructure. My friend, you should be changing as well. Change should be evident in your relationships, your finances, and your perspective. Nothing changes except something changes. I've found a secret to master change. Many people want change but they may not know where to start. I've learned a few secrets to change and I'd love to share some of them with you.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Often times we may feel overwhelmed by circumstances and may not know how to step outside of ourselves to begin to implement that change. Change is a process not an event.

Below are five steps to create change in your life.

1. Become Agreeable.

2. Become intentional about the change.

3. Become definitive in your decisions.

4. Become accountable to change.

5. Become mobile in your change.

To finish this teaching listen to this weeks podcast 10/06/2021 on Kingdom Touch Downs Podcast. Follow any one of the links below.

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Prophetess Sherri Downs is a wife and mother of two. Sherri is a published author “Don’t Be Bullied By The Devil”, “Keys to Unprecedented Praying Power”, and "Righteous Relationship Reset". Sherri is a Prophetess, Blogger, Life Coach, Conference Speaker & Host. Sherri is owner and CEO of Touch Downs Ministries/Enterprise LLC. Sherri is committed to her mandate to teach and instruct in the body of Christ. It is a passion of Sherri's to see God’s power manifest in the pews. Sherri believes in the power of God to walk in newness.


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