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Surrender Again

I recently visited a man made replica of Noah's Ark (Ark Experience) in Williamstown, Kentucky. Wow! What a powerful place to visit. While there, I marveled as I saw the glory of God manifested in all Noah did for our Lord. I reminisced on the story and how I understood it prior to my visit. I kept imagining the obedience of Noah that encapsulated His righteous relationship with God. I allowed my imagination to wonder while walking through the ark that displayed the obedience of a man who rejected the cultural norm of his day and chose to follow God at all cost, which proved to be beneficial in the end. As I walked through this giant ark for several hrs my heart worshiped our glorious Lord. I began to surrender to God afresh my service and my life. I felt, that I could do more for Him.

I believe we are in a moment where we can surrender again and offer our partnership with the Lord for all He desires to do in our lives. Noah not only said yes to the Lord, but there was buy-in from his family. They said yes to God too and their yes required them to invest their time, talents, and treasures into all God asked them to do. Wow! Noah loved the Lord so much that he submitted everything to the Father's use. I believe the Lord desires to equip and partner with families in this moment that we are living in right now. He is asking us to serve Him in complete obedience. Seven others said yes to God, and they spent their lives serving the God of the whole earth.

Deuteronomy 28:1; "If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above the nations on earth". This particular chapter was highligting the blessing for obedience and the curses for disobedience. I believe much has been accomplished in this moment we have walked through and as things shift from the season of fear and dread, I sense a turning of the tide and that our Lord has a glorious plan of redemption and love that will manifest on a global scale. Hang on it's about to get real good. We will see demonstrations of God's love and power as never before. I sense the power of God manifesting for His sons and daughters. I want to encourage you to remain obedient and to shift your perspective. I was to admonish you to cultivate a relationship with the Lord and offer Him all that belongs to you. Many blessings upon you.

Prophetess Coach Sherri Downs

CEO & Owner

Touch Downs Enterprise LLC

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Saint Cavin
Saint Cavin
Apr 16, 2021


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