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Just Start "The beginning is always now." - Roy Bennett

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started". - Mark Twain

I started my coaching business journey in 2012 and starting developing products in 2016. I started out by coaching others in entrepreneurial business, online. Of course, I didn't know where to start. Sure, I was nervous and didn't know who my audience was or where to find them. I was hungry for change. I had to niche down and find a target audience.

I received direction from God to change my focus to coaching and mentoring and I got to work. I have written two published books "Don't Be Bullied By The Devil

" and "Keys to Unprecedented Praying Power". I have two e- courses; Spiritual Warfare E-Course and Prophets Academy E-Course. I am founder and CEO of Touch Downs Enterprise LLC.

I did not have the fullness of how this business would look. I simply just started. Many times we sit at the starting lines of life observing how fast others are going. We gaze upon the many feats it appears that others are conquering.

There is but one fundamental truth at the helm of every runners race; they had to start. In oder to go, you must start. You have to start somewhere. I think we at times get frustrated because we often see ourselves at the end of a thing before we even start It. There is a friction that transpires in between the start and the finish. Have you experienced that? Well, I certainly have.

Sometimes we can get discouraged when we count up the cost. Can I tell you something? There is a process with anything. When you want to eat; there is a process. When you want to grow your bank account; there is a process. To loose weight; there is a process, and when your want to gain weight; there is also a process. The path towards success isn't always smooth but along the way you develop grit and you are certainly transformed. Some have said, "enjoy the process". Inmy opinion, those are the individuals that have already gotten to their "sweet spot".

We should find ourselves gleaning from the lives of others who created success because they were willing to start the journey. Among that list we find; Spark Vision, founder MaryBeth Hyland, Zoom, founder Eric Yuan, Halfaker & Associates, founder Dawn Halfaker, Night Owl Cleaning Services founded by Arlethe Turturro, and last but not least CorpNet founded by Nellie Akalp. So many individuals must start, and they are everyday people just like you and me. Today I want to encourage you; whatever you feel inspired to do, just start. You'll find that starting was half the battle; as I believe you will be so glad you did.


Sherri Downs

Author, Speaker, Strategist, Life Empowerment Coach,

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