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It Is Breakthrough Season

We are literally living under an open heaven!

Do you believe that the Lord is mindful of his children right now? That's means He has you on His mind. His mind is full of you my friend. You must develop eyes to see what you do not see and ears to hear what you do not hear. I understand that God will use all things to bring His plans and purposes to pass; even 2020-2021. Yes! There! I said it. I believe in this moment we are about to experience a convergence of supernatural manifestations, as we have never seen or experienced before. You don't want to miss what heaven has planned and in order to be in the right positioning you must heed the clarion call of God and follow His voice by faith. If ever there was a time to grow in the our faith the time is now. The just shall live by faith and I don't know about you, but I've certainly had to amplify my faith and allow myself to be stretched as I'm stepping out and doing new things I've never done before! I just spoke with a guest on my podcast, which airs next week (Kingdom Touch Downs Podcast) and we discussed the expectation and hunger for the supernatural which, many are walking in right now! Many want to know what their future holds and how to access divine plans for their lives. I believe the Lord is opening hearts and minds to be able to steward that right now. We don't only want to have an expectation but we want His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. I remember sharing with you in January 2021 about effective breakthrough strategies, but I believe the days are upon us as we are breaking out of the old and into new spaces and places with God. Many of us have change churches, careers, residences, and relationships have shifted along with so much more. The old season has been decapitated and a new season has sprouted. God is expanding, enlarging, and stretching many of us beyond what we have even imagined possible. If you are wondering how heaven can open for you; you definitely want to be at and register for Ignite Conference 2021 "Open Heaven". Click here and register in person, and online

Registration closes soon. We are ferverently praying for you ALL and we believe the God of miracles will meet us at the Hyatt Deerfield, IL as He has done in times past!

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1 Comment

carla ponce
carla ponce
Dec 09, 2021

I don't want to miss what heaven has planned!

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