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Go Back And Say, "Thanks".

In this season of thankfullness let's remember to go back and say thank you. While I'm putting the finishing touches on my bountiful Thanks Giving meal with all the trimmings; I'm reminiscing on Luke 17:11-19. You may be familiar with the tory of the "Ten Lepers". I want to highlight what Jesus did for these ten individuas, and why the need to come back and say thank you is vital. Leprosy is also known as Hansen's disease (HD), and elephas, which is a long-term infection by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae.

In biblical times leprosy was looked upon negatively and anyone infected with this physically altering disease would be classified as unclean. These individuals were treated as outcast. They were forbidden to have any contact with people who did not have the disease and they had to ring a bell and shout "unclean" if anyone approached them. It was considered as a curse from God. The individuals infected were ostracized and forced out of the community. There was no effective cure for leprosy at this time. An effective treatment had not come along until the 1940s. Leprosy was a life sentence.

When Jesus ascends from the wilderness propelled into his public ministry; he's seen casting out devils, raising the dead and healing all manner of disease; that included leprosy.

As Jesus deals with the dilemma of the lepers and He dislodges them from this life shattering diagnosis and stigma. The instructions were given to the ten by Jesus; "Go show yourselves to the priest and don't tell anyone about what I did" (paraphrased). When one of the ten sees that his life has been changed returns and gives thanks. It is then that Jesus says, "were there not ten that were healed?"

I believe that this single individual realized all that had been done for him. He was not only healed, but he was restored back to community, labels were taken off of him, he was able to enjoy life again without feeling cursed and abandoned by God. No doubt his faith was restored. This man was so overcome with gratitude that he had to stop and come back and say thanks.

Be sure to not only look at the current things that are manifesting in your life but go back and give thanks to God and thoes along your journey that have helped you to overcome in any capacity of life. Go back and say thanks.

Prophetess/Coach Sherri Downs

Touch Downs Ministries/Coaching

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1 Comment

Chiquista Ash
Chiquista Ash
Nov 26, 2020

Thank You God for growing me, stretching me, maturing me, and choosing me for this process! Thank you Prophetess Sherri Downs for being the vessel he used to help me to activate I pray God blesses you bountifully in Jesus name Amen

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