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Develop Your Prophetic Voice Today! Elijah had Elisha

Are you prophetic yet, you don't have anyone or anyplace to process what you know you've been called to? Let me journey in the prophetic with you.

The prophetic grace starts as a seed, but it must be cultivated and matured as you follow the voice of Holy Spirit. Elijah mentored Elisha into his prophetic office and calling. the gift and the office are areas where some struggle to understand.

I was just like you. I had a prophetic gift and felt the call to be a prophet, but I didn't have a community in which I was able to process in a healthy way the information I was receiving. I've also learned how discernment is vital to what you hear, see and sense. j

The prophetic is a journey of discovery. One can't, unless they have experienced this journey, aid someone who is currently on the journey.

In this course we will discuss:

•The voice of God

•Biblical role of the prophets

•Prophets protocol & training •Prophetic Types

•Prophetic Streams

•Prophetic Activation

JOIN THE PROPHETS ACADEMY TODAY! Sessions start January 13,2021 8pm - 9:15 pm cst. Register Today! This hybrid course that is both interactive and self study. Register Today! After this course you will be invited to join a private Facebook community of prophets who meet monthly (time allotted) for prophetic discussions, which occurs the first Friday of every month at 7pm cst. Join the prophets!

Do you feel led to sow a special first fruits seed into the on-going podcast ministry endeavor? Would you consider your seed in helping us spread the gospel through out the world? I pray you enjoy the wonderful content that we share weekly throughout the world. With your partnership the podcast is reaching the world.

With your help we are spreading the gospel around the world. Thank you.

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