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This year has presented opportunities that many have never lived through or experienced before. As many have been forced to step into roles that they didn't have perviously (e-learning for one). Many have been forced to create revenue out of this moment as to secure survival. How do we shift with the times? Many are faced with the question "how do I access more for my business, ministry or family to not sit in crisis"? I believe right now is the moment many have been waiting on. Many have been searching for a way. How do you actually take this moment in time to create and change the narrative? Changing my narriative would consist of rewriting how I do things and not being subjected to a ridgid view and routein concerning life. When you are flexible and willing to pivot you will evolve and not evaporate. To evolve means to undergo evolutionary change, derive, educe,develop, work out. gradually into being; develop undergo evolution. To evaporate means to diminish quickly. We have expeienced such a year that has revealed crisis for many. Transversely many have seen a moment to create and to literally evolve while pivoting. God's power and KINGDOM never met a crisis; there were only opportunities to EVOLVE. In your life you must begin to embrace the power of the holy scriptures. Creating with God is a beautiful experience when you allow Holy Spirit to lead. Allow God's Spirit and power to lead you into a moment of creating with Him. Be encouraged and strengthened in Jesus name.

Prophetess/Coach Sherri Downs

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Chiquista Ash
11 dic 2020


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