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A Snap Shot Season


A Snapshot Season

I recently took a trip for my birthday with sisters and friends. On this trip as we walked, talked, and shopped Holy Spirit led me into a Fine Arts Gallery and while in this space I heard Him speak very expressly. We were intrigued by the artwork hanging from the walls of this very prestigious gallery on the magnificent mile in Downtown Chicago. In fact, there was an executive from NBC (a television network based in Chicago) in that very day purchasing a piece of art for his office. The hostess of the gallery began to tell us about the displayed artwork and its owner. She shared that his work was done through the medium of photography. These were snapshots, and they were beautiful yet, they were only previews of a bigger scene and setting. I heard Holy Spirit say, at this moment "this has been a snapshot season for many". Snapshot is a piece of information or short description that gives an understanding of a situation at a particular time: (Cambridge Dictionary)

As I pondered, the Lord shifted my mind to Moses and the children of Israel. Moses sent 12 spies into the promise land and only 2 came back full of faith (Numbers 13). The Israelite nation had to choose to come up higher in their thinking to lay hold of their promised land. Whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart so is he (Proverbs 23:7). God has given many a glimpse of what the breakthrough looks like and what their next season(s) hold. He has shared intimate details of what’s in your promised land.

The snapshot may appear to beautiful yet, intimidating. In this space, guard your mouth (Psalm 141:3). Don’t view yourself as grasshoppers in their sight (Numbers 13:33). Become determined to set foot on the fullness (Joshua 1:3). Don’t be like the Israel nation and see the big promise and become defeated at the size of it. Believe the Lord and take the territory! Will you step into the snapshot and walk in the fullness? Will you allow your feet to touch every place God has ordained for you? Build your faith for what has been given unto you (Deuteronomy 11:24). Every giant that stands in your way will fall. Many have had to defeat giants of betrayal, anger, unforgiveness, sickness, and depression just to name a few. The Lord our God is the breaker who has gone before us and opens the way (Micah 2:13). Selah

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This was awesome! And yes we do have snapshots of of lives that god is showing us, he wants the big picture for us we just have to want it for ourselves!!

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