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Are you feeling lost and alone? Don't do life alone! Break the cycles, and let's win together. 

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God's will for you is beyond what you may have experienced. Behind every life experience there is an answer to a problem or wisdom to extract. You must move forward in order to WIN. I find that the enemy is an opportunist and will take advantage of our weaknesses. He desires to use our pain and trauma to keep us off track and course; changing our times and seasons. We can't stay stuck. When we shift our perspective God will allow it all to work for our good. Welcome to Touch Downs Ministries/Enterprise, LLC. Sherri is available for coaching, mentoring, collaborations, motivational speaking, spiritual warfare training, ministry opportunities and so much more. Please visit our products page and enjoy the journey to purpose. Connect on all our social media platforms. We want to help you move forward to WIN.


“Righteous Relationship Reset” 


Has God changed His mind about marriage? 


Sherri Downs shares personally how God reset her marriage, and she meticulously unwraps the message God gave her. God had a specific intent in mind for marriage. Culture has perverted marriage by inserting doctrines that contradict God's Word, Will, and Ways. Kingdom citizens are encouraged to view marriage from spiritual lenses. "I heard it said that a perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other,' and I agree. Do you desire to get married, need a reset in your current marriage, or simply want to understand marriage? God desires to bring His will into your marriage, but someone must choose to do marriage God's way."

Ignite Conference Open Heaven
Join us for an all day access to an open heaven. Empowerment speakers include: certified & licensed therapist and counselors, certified speaking & writing coach/publisher, army specialist sergeant and certified speaker and spiral warfare specialist. Hotel rooms are available upon request.
Hyatt Regency Deerfield,
1750 Lake Cook Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015, USA

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